Safely delivering gas services across Australia for communities with understanding and minimal disruption

Experienced asset management service providers

From design and installation of complex networks, through to managing city gate regulating systems and providing 24/7 emergency leak repairs in busy CBD streets, our end-to-end capability spans the full asset life cycle.

0 km+ Gas reticulation mains
Installed annually
0 K + Gas work orders
Processed and completed annually

We focus on safety and with minimal disruption to the communities that we operate in.

Our solutions always offer value-for-money due to the efficiency of our operations and ability to innovate with technology.

As a client representative, we integrate seamlessly and are calm under pressure. We are specialists in minimising risk and keeping everyone safe.

Service Stream have one of the largest trained gas workforces in Australia with both national competency accreditation and utility specific training.

Our end-to-end offering includes:

  • Transmission pipelines
  • Regulating structures
  • Distribution pipelines
  • Connections and changeovers
  • Gas Asset Management

Consumer and domestic services

Our dedicated specialist team provide end-to-end metering and associated field services including:

  • Contestable metering installations
  • Meter reading field services
  • Meter disconnection and re-connection services
  • Meter accuracy testing
  • Gasfitting services
  • Asset replacement programs - installation/exchange
  • Customer service