Specialist end-to-end services across a range of Australian networks

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Our designers and engineers design new wireless and fixed-line communications networks, water and gas infrastructure, and detailed design for end-user connections

  • Mobile and fixed-line telecommunications network infrastructure
  • Gas, Water and New Energy Infrastructure
  • Design and documentation consultancy
  • Site surveying and acquisition
  • Authority approvals, Council and environmental planning
  • Property and lease negotiations
  • Electrical design consultancy
  • Engineering and construction advice


Service Stream’s highly experienced project managers work with local site supervisors and qualified teams to build essential telecommunication and utility infrastructure

  • Mobile and fixed-line telecommunications network infrastructure
  • Water distribution networks
  • Gas distribution networks
  • Civil construction
  • Water treatment infrastructure
  • Pipeline renewals
  • Electrical, mechanical and instrumentation


Essential network installations are many and varied, and Service Stream’s project managers engage local teams to deliver these services across the country

  • Mobile and fixed-line telecommunications network infrastructure
  • End-user connections
  • End-user faults
  • Integration of new assets
  • Gas and water meter installation
  • Smart meter deployment
  • Meter disconnections and re-connections
  • Commercial and residential solar PV and battery storage


We understand the importance of asset reliability and we deliver programs centred around planned and preventative maintenance.

  • Mobile and fixed-line telecommunications network infrastructure
  • Gas and Water infrastructure
  • Regional irrigation assets
  • Planned and reactive maintenance
  • Asset management and Relocation programs
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Network fault response
  • Meter reading
  • Planned and reactive maintenance
  • Audit and remediation programs
  • Independent inspections
  • 24/7 emergency response